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Wonderland Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • Tel:86-431-89621322
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Wonderland Technology Co., Ltd. (WLT) is established in 2002 with government share-holdings. WLT is a high-tech manufacturer and exporter from China. It is specified in security and protection projects. WLT creates following high-tech products, such as Mobile Phone Jammer, Portable Signal Jammer, RF Signal Jammer, VHF-UHF Jammer, RCIED Jammer, Bomb Jammer, VIP Convey Jammer, Pack-back Jammer, Vehicle Mounted Jammer, High Power Jamming System, C Band and KU Band Satellite TV Jammer(Satellite Dish Jammer and TV Dish Jammer). WLT makes RF Signal and Bug Detector, Explosive and Drug Detector, Bomb Detector, Metal Detector, CO(Carbon Monoxide) Detector, Gas Detector, etc. WLT produces many kinds of Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver. WLT also supplies UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Your choice is our honor. Your trust is our responsibility. Your security is our target.

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